Try these techniques out help your child in maths!

Students who are excellent in other subjects are seen struggling for mathematics. Just blaming them for this can’t help them out. Physical growth is as important as the mental development of the baby. It is the parents who have to make the most of the opportunities.

According to the new findings of Indian researchers, there is a significant link between lunch and study. India has the largest lunch system in the world. Around 120 million children are fed daily in schools. The study on these children proved that the nutrient-rich diet helps in studies too. The children who ate lunch for 5 years, were 18% better in math and language learning than the others.

* What to eat to brighten up in maths?

There are certain foods that children must eat to develop math and language skills. Oxford University considers these foods as beneficial to the brain.

Do you blame children for eating chocolate? Never do it further. According to a British study, chocolate containing flavonols give the power to brain to easily absorb any subject. Before going for an exam, or even before you start a class, have some original chocolate. You can see the positive result.

Copper and sardines are the best fishes to stimulate brain activity. These coarse fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Include these in your child’s diet.

There is no better vegetable than tomatoes to combat mental stress and sharpen the memory. It is a preventive tool against diseases like Alzheimer’s. It is better to give your children a tomato salad which is rich in antioxidants.

Avocado is a fruit that can be found in our markets even though it may not be as familiar as other fruits. They are used to remove insoluble fats and increase blood circulation.It helps to recall the the things that they learned years ago!
Neatness,nature of learning,stress management are the things to be cared by parents beside food habits. When they become weak in studies,it is better not to quarrel with them and never compare them with a stranger’s child. Recognize that mental retardation is not measurable until you are 12 years old.

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