Beware that the ‘body’ belongs to us.

In the present day world, people are very busy and they don’t have time to eat food properly. Forgetting the rich tradition of our natural diet and homemade foods we are always in search of new trends and new food habits.

Many of us are imitators of foreigners make them role models for anything in life. But food habits have their own preferences. Although adults may tell us not to eat without bothering about the minimum capacity, we consider the stomach as a factory to deposit unused materials. We need to give care to our stomach and for that, it is necessary to change some of our habits. The US Department of Agriculture’s recently released a Food Chart that clearly indicates precise instructions for what we should eat. They are vegetables, fruits, whole grains, protein foods, and dairy products. Think for a while, normally these listed items may be the food habits that we rejected years before.

Legumes and alfalfa are good for digestion, immune system and health. It is not advisable to eat fruit juices and cooked vegetables rather have it fresh and uncooked which helps to make a double effect. Cereals are of two types. Purified and unpurified. More than the purified ones the latter is more healthy. Red rice, rice, wheat, barley, oats are there in this category. The daily diet chart also emphasizes the importance of nutritious meats. In addition to beans and fish, meat can be included a little bit.

Another category recommended by the United States Agricultural Department is low-fat dairy products. Even though, some of the food items mentioned in this list are forbidden or proscribed to certain diseases.
After all, just a jog or some exercise in the morning will keep your body and mind healthy and strong!

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