Can you just say goodbye to alcohol just for thirty days or for a week?

We,Keralites usually drink to satisfy ourselves or society. For any kind of functions, whether it is birth, betrothal or the funeral function, alcohol is the first and foremost preference that happens behind the scenes. Those who drink justify themselves that they want to forget their grief, which is simply an absurd justification.

It is said that during the last Onam season Keralites drunk alcohol worth Rs 440 crore. It is really ironical if we say that we are unaware of the harmful effects of alcohol. New studies show that if we give up or quit the habit of having alcohol for just a month, it would be helpful to realize the harmful effects of it on our poor health.
In the New Year resolutions, it is advisable not to stop drinking completely but try to stop it at least for a few days.
By This way of action, the heart and liver will gain the right to live for a while. Studies show that just one month keep away from drinking can help you maintaining a healthy weight.

A study by Sussex University in the UK summarizes the long-term benefits of a month of alcohol rejection.
There are free apps like ‘Sober Grid’ to help you stop alcoholism step by step. They also talk about the need to drink alcohol after a temporary break. When we cutting down the days of alcohol consumption it eventually turns as a personal challenge. A personal challenge can be far consistent than another person’s challenge. Another fact is that a person who cut down the unit of alcohol actually helps the liver to regenerate or repair itself from the very bad situations like fatty liver or liver cirrhosis.

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