Be alert, over anxiety may destroy your health

Even today, teenagers are suffering from BPH. The generation that shows overanxiety for any small issue is not fit for a healthy community. When the seniors get angry for silly issues, children see and imitate the same, that they can’t be blamed for this.

Anxiety does little good for the body or it does nothing helpful to human health. When the tension arises, the adrenal gland releases adrenaline and cortisol as directed by the nervous system. It increases blood pressure and elevates blood glucose level. As a result, your muscles contract and expand over time, causing muscle problems such as headaches and migraine.

Unnecessary anxiety causes inflammation in the cardiovascular system through the function of the heart muscles. The rapid increase in respiratory rate causes panic attacks, swelling and heart attack.

Some people eat well when they get tensed and others do not eat anything when they come into such a situation. Both these are not good habits. Alcohol, tobacco and various foods cause stomach upset and digestion problems. Tension and anxiety affect the receptive capacity of nutrients to the body and thus it results in the breakdown of the digestive system.

Overproduction of cortisol causes the reproductive spontaneity of men and the irregular menstruation of women .Over anxiety is not all a minor affects our body and mind in a very complicated way and makes us indisposed. As technology developed enough and web-oriented skill acquisition programs are very much available in many forms, we can simply follow them to makes us stress-free or stress relieved. Rather than becoming a patient, it will be better to treat ourselves by controlling our temperament.

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