Apple 5g smart watches in market.

Fans were awaiting for apple’s smart watches. Apple Company introduced their 5g smart watches. Let’s look out some of its attractive features. Even the older version, series four attracted people because it had the feature like electro cardio gram. This quality remain same to the latest model. The only visible difference is in the matter of its size. Model 5 is bigger than the four and it has an active display.

If the screen is working on low lighting, we can increase the brightness by a single tap. Some people ask for an inactive display screen and some other asks for active screen with least light. For both these group, the 5 g smart watch is useful. The company claims that the watch has an 18 hour battery life, which was same for the model 4 also. Another notable change is a compass application which is usable with other applications like google maps. It help us to know the location and direction.

The watch is constructed with aluminum which is 100% recycled and to the first model doesn’t have cellular connectivity. But it is available in different colors like silver, gold, space gray and all. The cost of series 5 model begins in 399 dollars and to the cellular connectivity models it is 499 dollars. Titanium models begins with the price of 799 and for stainless steel it is 699 dollars. The most costly model is ceramic models which was planned to reach the market by last mid-September. Its rate is far beyond than the rate of an iPhone! 1299 dollars.

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