How can be a smart spender?

The first and foremost consideration of the present day world human, is to earn lot and live with it. For that cause we make every other important things as secondary and rush to save the money as huge deposits. But, in most of the cases these planning are gets shattered and we struggle to manage even our monthly budget of a nuclear family.

There are a number of standard reasons like inflation, economic depression and increase in product rate and all for this issue. But the ultimate reason for the improper management of our salary is the habit of extravagance and our ignorance related to it.

It is very important to every human being to be controlled in money management which may definitely help to avoid great collapses. Spending money in an effective way can be simply mentioned as smart spending. For becoming a smart spender, we should categories our expenses into luxury and necessity. Common man neglect the first category and always bothered about the latter, which is the reason of existence i.e.; necessity. But some are not bothered about these and spend lavishly the money they earn.

To manage our money in a controlled manner we should take care of certain things.

As Buddha said, the prime concern of everyone is to control the desires that have the capacity to destroy us. It must be controlled even we have enough money in our pockets. Another point is that some people have a habit of purchasing products whenever the market attract the people with offer sales or reduction rates. This habit is not at all good for a smart spender. Vehicles and phones are the products that make people crazy and some among them always wait for its new products availability or for the introduction of updated versions. They buy those at the moment it appears the market even they already own a better and benign version of it. As the hero of a film says, we must live for today but little bit care is indeed about the future.

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