Humans of Kerala, a tale of youth endeavor.

Doing something creative is a good trend that is visible in society among a group of people. Most of the creative endeavors are appreciable but the genuine efforts stay concealed in most times. Have you ever tried to speak with the people around you? Those who walk through the roads, those who sleep in streets, those who regularly sit in tea shops. Actually we don’t have time, at least to speak with the people who live with us under the same roof.

Listening someone is actually sparing our valuable time for them. It is most important in our lives, because every man and woman has a lot to express which help them to get relieved from their stress. Their total destruction happens when they never get anyone to share those. The Instagram page ‘humans of Kerala’ is trying to dig out the curtained stories of survival. It was after the second flood, this page was created by a group of youngsters which is actually an imitation of the concept by Brandon Stanton’s ‘Humans of New York’.Rahul Roy,Raun J David, Stanley Jaims and Sanjana Elizabeth are the youth behind this fabulous page.

Those who were defeated and destructed by the strong effects of flood should be motivated, rejuvenated. That’s the aim of this gang and they started working on it.Similar stories like the real lifeportrayals of ‘Humans of Mumbai’ and ‘Humans of Newyork’ posted in their page. The pilot story was attractive and it touched the reader’s hearts. Following the spirit of enthusiasm they started following the people who are unknown to them, but it resulted in the splendid stories of survival. The stories of transgender from Kerala were new experiences to the readers.

Now, around 30 volunteers are working at Chennai, Bangalore, and Delhi to collect such authentic stories. These four members are now moving their efforts to the next stage. They are planning to conduct psychological classes which motivate the people. Anyway more than the stories in the page, these four little stars’ story itself is a motivation to the generation. Because they interact to the unknown and making them known to the world.

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