Relevance of healthy diet habit on World food day.

Hunger’ is a fantabulous short film. Those who have not seen it should watch it as soon as possible. It is not just a short film, but talks about the real, existing portion of a society. Which is forgotten by the majority of people. Hunger is a naked truth and per day at least 10000 human in this world die of hunger. The happiness when food reaches in front of them is really powerful. The children in this film eat the food that was wasted by some others. People who have rich foods on the table never understand the value of food. They blame others for minor cooking errs.

Days are passing day by day as mere day celebrations. Today is world food day. We are not at all bothered about the real sense of this day. That is the utmost challenge that the younger generation. This is the day meant to be celebrated as the greatest campaign for hunger and poverty eradication.

Since 1979 we celebrate October 16 as the world food day. But still reports state that more than 820 million people suffer from malnutrition.moulding a good life style and food habit helps to live happy and live long.pathetically in the present day world 20%humans are living in complete poverty.

We can die of aids and malaria but the death because of starving is horrible than any other type of death. Very simple qualities and decision that can be made part of our life is enough to change the condition of the world won’t ever waste food, I will feed those who suffer from starving.thase are simple resolutions that can be practiced.

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