Miles to go…and they sell tea for it.

Tea shop owner Balaji and his wife are on an Australian dream trip…
Some people are very much encouraging to others. They won’t talk too much, but they inspire others with their deeds in life. Roshan Andrews’s film, How Old Are You’ introduced an oldie couple to the audience. We can’t forget them at any turn in our life. They are real characters who run a tea shop at Salim Rajan road. What makes them happy is journeys. They have traveled the world around with the profit got from this small tea shop at where themselves be the owners, and workers. The simple point that they convey as a message is, never limit our dreams by justifying our socioeconomic or gender obstacles.

K R Vijayan and his wife Mohana is again getting ready for their next journey. Australia and New Zealand are their next target that comes as their 24th and 25th destinations in travel life. All of his previous trips were from the mini-savings of daily profit. They spend bit and travel lot. But this time, the trip is on sponsorship. Mohana and Balaji coincidentally appeared in travel vlogger Drew Binsky’s video. But it was fortunate to them, that the video was viewed by 1.5 crores including the Mahindra company chairman Anand Mahindra. He is the man who sponsor the couple’s latest trip.

Balaji and his wife had their last trip to Argentina, Brazil and Peru in November 2018. But it made some economic baggage to the couple. At that time they were tensed about their future travel programs. But Mahindra Company has beatified them with surprise. Around 3.60 lakh is the expecting travel expense which will be accorded by the company.

So their dream journey to Australia has started. For some days, their tea shop will remain closed. The deep and admiring decor of the world creates enthusiasm in this 68th age and Mohana, his wife  is there to accompany him with full of happiness.

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