Lime juice, a natural energy booster for health.

After having a heavy meal like biriyani people love to have a glass of lemon juice. The feel we get when that reaches in our stomach is astounding. Lime juice helps the digestion of heavy food. It is a small fruit which contains a teaspoon of juice only. But the benefits of lemon juice are uncountable.

A normal size lemon’s juice has about 20 calories. In addition, it includes 22 mg of calcium,12 mg of phosphorous,68 mg of potassium and 19.5 mg of vitamin C. Often we hesitate to have water. Lemon juice can stimulate our thirst which is necessarily helps to have more water.

Cancer is a very common disease on this present day world. Although more studies are being conducted, citrus-rich fruits said to be a Preventer for cancer. Lemon also contains citrus acid. Lemon is largely using in cosmetics as it contains antioxidants and vitamin C. So the benefit having it directly will make double effect.

This small fruit contains magnesium and potassium and is beneficial for heart. Potassium is useful in increasing blood circulation and thereby it reduces pressure. Drinking lemon mixed warm water early in the morning enables the body to eliminate toxins and controls the cholesterol.

Another advantage of having lemon juice is related to infections. Microorganism like streptococcus can cause a variety of diseases in mouth and lungs. Drinking lemon water can reduce the risk of bacteria and it helps to avoid coughing and viral fevers.

We normally like to have the iced lemon juice. But if we are ready to have it with warm water, it will help to avoid the urinary tract infections. A new research suggests there is no better way than lime juice to prevent the formation of stones in kidney.

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