Don’t be afraid, get prepared for the next…

The people of Kerala are less familiar with natural disasters. Now we have to say that we have no idea how to deal with disasters properly. If you look at the statistics, over a decade, there have been 7 lakh deaths in various parts of the world due to these disasters. Over 23 million people have lost their homes. About 14 million people have been injured.

One thing we don’t notice is that we see dangers on a daily basis. But there is no worry about it. Road accidents, electrocution, drowning and falling on top of the building are accidents. Although not all accidents and deaths can be avoided, we may be able to eliminate at least some of them and reduce the total number of accidents. Here is the relevance of previous cares and proper awareness. Essential ways to prevent accidents are to be ensured. Netherlands is a good example for Kerala when it comes to flood safety measures. Three main rivers in Europe flow through this country. More than half of them are living in areas below sea level. But the people of this country are planning the biggest flood in the world to stop the flood.

Another country that can be modeled is Japan. They have the world’s largest underwater shafts and tunnels to control the flood. Frequent flooding and natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions have enabled those people to face any problem at any time. They will not compromise on safety and quality. They give suggestions on what to do when natural disasters occur, even for children in small classes. The mock drill is conducted under the auspices of NGOs. There are good models around the world to reduce the impact of disasters .The key is to follow them. October 13 is celebrated as International Disaster Reduction Day, with this goal in mind. Because every human life on earth is so precious.

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