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Aisha Farzana after the pooja to Uppum Mulakum


The audience sees in the serial a beautiful presentation of events that usually take place in the family.With the addition of Parukutty, the serial ratings also went up. The serial went on to be very successful up to 1000 episodes.But after Juhi left the serial after Lachu’s marriage, the serial ratings also went down. To overcome this, the activists also brought Lachu’s face-like pooja to the serial.Meanwhile, the comedy serial ‘Chakkapazha’ has also started airing on Flowers.

The Malayalees have cherished each and every one of these players. Balu and Neelu and their children Shivani, Keshu and Mudiyan are the children of the Malayalee household.The hairdresser who walks in with a little bit of sugar has several girlfriends. Pooja is one such person.Aisha Farzana, a co-worker at work, has now returned home to look for her hair.

Fans were looking forward to seeing Farzana’s promo in the new episode. Aisha’s cousin is intoxicated by texting her hair.After this, Aisha came to Mudiyan’s house to see Mudiyan but then the twist came out.Keshu is the only one who came as that beauty. Kesha, Shivani and Balu also made Aisha to stick her hair in.