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Chuckie in the chandana mazha


Singing Paingkili is a serial that has taken over the miniscreen audience in a few days.Anjitha, who plays one of the three villains in the serial, Ananya, has already won the award.Anjitha is the wife of Sudheesh Shankar, the director of the unsung serial ‘Paingkili’. Sudheesh Shankar is a famous film serial director.

Sudheesh is the director of several superhit serials including Omanathingal Pakshi, Ente Manasaputri, Parasparam, Pranayam, Kabani and many other films including Dileep’s Villali Veeran.Sudheesh and Anjitha are in love and married. Years ago, Anjitha was a star in the serial industry.

The actor has acted in several serials since 2000. The two fell in love while working with Sudheesh and later got married with the blessings of the family.Anjitha, who was leading a family life after marriage, later returned with Sudheesh’s serials.The actor also appeared in the serial Kabani.The child star has landed a notable role in the mini-screen hit series Sandalwood.Gopika appeared in the serial as Chuckie. Chuckie was a close friend of the character Varsha played by Meghna.