This is how Onam was celebrated at Dileep’s house


Today the Malayalees were celebrating Thiruvonam. Despite the many problems due to the Kovid period, the Malayalees of Onam have celebrated at least in a small way in their homes.Most of the movie stars who have to be in the shooting locations are all at home since the covid era.

That is why the movie stars are celebrating Onam with their family members.Many movie stars came on the scene to share pictures with their families.Dileep is celebrating the Onam of Dileep, Kavya, Mahalakshmi and Meenakshi at Padma Swaroopam house.Meenakshi is very happy with Mahalakshmi’s silk skirt and dress. The joy of having Mahalakshmi can be seen on Meenakshi’s face.

Although she was studying in Chennai, Meenakshi has been at home since then due to the closure of colleges due to the Corona epidemic.Kavyamadhavan is also very happy.Dileep is happy to be able to celebrate Onam with his family after a long time. Dileep’s mother Padmaswaroopam is also at home.