The girlfriend he loved for life was gone


The girlfriend he loved for life is gone but look what the young man did on his girlfriend’s wedding day.The young man’s post about his mother, who was confident when he lost his girlfriend when he lost his girlfriend of six years, is now going viral on social media.

Eldos, a young man, wrote on Facebook about his mother’s inner love and the moments he spent with his mother.This is what Eldo Sanchari wrote about the group. That was the day when her engagement was abandoned after six years of love.Two years pushed back by memories. So one evening in September, a friend’s phone call confirmed her marriage, and it’s December 18th.

Those were the moments when I slept with someone in the country, sleepless nights, missed meals, moments when I just wanted to be alone without talking to anyone.The moments when I felt like I couldn’t live but my mother’s face made me sad more than anything else.I had never seen the face of such a sad mother after my father died.I finally decided that the eighteenth date should make my mom happy so I will never forget it.A trip to Idukki Munnar as per my mother’s wish was opposed by everyone because my mother’s age is bad and she is going in a two wheeler.But my mother’s confidence made me brave