Google AI to study Malayalam


    Google assistance, the virtual personal assistant developed by Google may start speaking in Malayalam any time soon. Google is preparing to add Malayalam to its artificial intelligence. Malayalam is one of the nine Indian languages that Google has chosen to add to its speech recognition AI.

    Through this endeavour Google aims at developing an AI that can handle multiple languages at the same time. It is no wonder that Google chose India, which is famous for its diverse languages to develop its multilingual speech recognition AI.

    AI which operates on an end to end streaming model is a breakthrough which can lead to live translation. When the Google assistant begins to speak Indian languages, there are high chances that Malayalam might be one of them.
    Google AI blog let out this news of this new programme to train its AI in Indian languages including Malayalam. Hindi, Marathi, Urudu, Bengali, Tamil, Kanada, Gujarathi are the other languages that have been chosen.