At the age of 17, the husband sold his wife for Rs 40,000


It is eye-opening to see what happened in the life of this young woman.Humans of a Bombay is a page that shares a lot of inspiring life stories.This Facebook page shared a story of a husband who sold his wife when he was seventeen years old.I met my husband at the age of 16 when he came to Mumbai to do housework.

After falling in love, we decided to get married. Finally, within a year of getting married, we had a son.It was when life was going beautifully that my husband took me to a room on Red Street.A told me to wait in the room. He waited with his son for a long time but he did not come.When I finally tried to get out of the room, I was stopped by a fat man. I was shocked to learn that my husband had sold me for forty thousand rupees.He said he could not leave without returning the money.

For about eight days I cried in fear with that child. On the ninth day I could not help but receive my first customer.I had to make money and save myself somehow. This went on for seven months.But I could only make twenty-five thousand rupees.One day I was hoping my husband would come to the room and take me back but he passed with the money I made,Life went on like that again. When this life went on without a change, a new customer came and he was a good man.