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Issa’s note for Tovino


Malayalees’ own Tovino Thomas is an actor who has risen to stardom by presenting a handful of heartwarming characters.The actor is making progress with Kainiraye pictures. Tovino’s recently released films have been well received by audiences.The actor is active on social media amidst all the hustle and bustle. Recently, the actor had an accident during the shooting of the movie ‘Kala’.

The actor has now returned home after ending his hospital stay. A Facebook post shared by the star thanking everyone for their prayers has gone viral on social media.There are no other difficulties at present, the suggestion is to rest for the next few weeks.

Many thanks and full love to all the loved ones, strangers and acquaintances who have been busy inquiring about my well-being and expressing their prayers these days, both directly and indirectly.The biggest lesson from these last days is the realization that each of you loves me with so much attachment to your heart.The confidence and responsibility that that love gives me will be my motivation to move forward.