What happened in the life of actor Aneesh that made us all laugh


What happened in the life of actor Aneesh made us all laugh at the Karyam Nisaram.Ravi Kariyam Nisaram of the Malayalee audience.It has been many years since Aneesh Ravi started appearing among the Malayalees on the big screen, mini screen and on the stage of his own troupe Thiruvananthapuram Megas, whether it is drama, mimicry, short film, film or serial.

The hard work and effort of the times is behind the growth of Aneesh as an active presence who does not need big introductions from the homeland of the evergreen hero of Malayalam, Sri Prem Nazir.But there are many occasions in Aneesh’s life when he faced death in that life journey.For 51 consecutive days during the recent lockdown, I was able to reach out to Facebook Live and interact with the audience, motivating and talking to those who have lived with various anxieties.

He says he is in the light of these experiences in his own life. I went through a variety of crises.There have been many occasions in my life where I have seen death face to face.The story is told through an online medium.