Lover’s reply to his estranged girlfriend


The woman he loved for life also left, telling him how to live with one leg after losing one leg to cancer.The job went and the income earned till then was gone. What happened in the young man’s life is now going viral on social media.When he shared his life experiences through a Facebook post, the entire Malayalee community has now embraced him.

The eventful realities that took place in the life of a young man named Prabhu are great inspirational facts for any man.He has a few on Facebook and everything in that post. His history, life and field are all there.The young man’s Facebook post reads: The woman I loved who had a liver transplant also went because my leg, which had been with me for 27 years, was gone because of cancer.Then a lot went on. The game I loved so much that I loved so much, football and kabaddi left me.

When I came to the ground the noises that had been heard loudly calling me Lord Prabhu with love left me.The family income was gone and the savings until then were gone. Vempal brought even life out of my body.But when all this went on, I held on. I was devastated when she told me that she would have life with me and that she did not want me without a leg.