Mary reveals reason for marrying older chemban


Mariyam reveals why she married Chemban, who is 17 years older than her.Chemban Vinod was recently remarried and the ceremony was simple as it was a lock down wedding.The notice at the register office went viral on social media.Following this, the news spread that Chemban Vinod Jose is getting married again. The actor did not comment on this.Days later, he arrived with pictures of his fiance.

The stars and fans all came to congratulate him. Discussions about their age difference began after the pictures went viral.Critics said the doctor, Mariyam Thomas, was 25 years old and that he had married such a small girl.Posters about the age difference also went viral.Mariyam and Chemban have made it clear that this has not affected their lives in any way and that they are leading a happy family life.

Chemban Vinod’s wedding took place unexpectedly during the lock down without giving even a hint.He says the 25-year-old has been able to make decisions in his life and that this is a decision made by Mary.He said that if the society does not like it, it should be given up and it is boring to go into the lives of others for nothing.Mariyam has also arrived in response to criticisms related to age differences.He wanted his partner to be someone who could fit in with his mind.There is a difference between the age of 17 and the difference between the two.