Meera Vasudevan Real Life Story


Despite being a foreign language actress, Meera Vasudev is Mohanlal’s heroine in Thanmatra and has become the favorite actress of Malayalees.The star is now the star of the mini screen itself. The actress made her debut on the mini screen with the serial Kudumbavilakku.It has been a few days since the series started airing, but the fans have taken up the role of Sumitra, played by Meera, with open arms.

Now Meera Vasudev is talking about the failure in her personal life.In a media interview, Meera openly said that although the two were married, they both had to give up and did not want to be remembered or told.Women are the only problem in the society when it comes to divorce. Meera added that no one sees the problems they are experiencing.She suffered physical and mental abuse from her first husband.Meera says that the marriage ended when she felt that her life would be in danger and she got married for the second time in 2012.

Meera also says in an interview that her son Ari has been her world for the past five years. Vanambadi and Kudumbavilakku are the favorite series of the television audience. Both are series with prominent players lined up.Sai Kiran Ram, a foreign language actor in Vanambadi, will be seen in the role of Nira film star Meera Vasudev in the role of a housewife.