The Mother Was Brutally Murdered By Her Own Son And Husband


The mother was killed by her own son and husband. Because it would be shocking to know.Six people, including her husband and son, have been arrested for killing a beautician.Geetha, a resident of Mangamanpalayam, Bangalore, has been arrested in connection with the murder.The woman’s husband Anjani BR’s son Varun, hired killer Naveen Kumar, Nagaraju Pradeep of Mastanahalli and Nagaraja alias Nagaraja of Chandappura were arrested by the probe team.

Geeta was killed on the morning of August 16th. Geeta was the owner of three beauty parlors in Bangalore and a real estate broker.She was separated from her husband and living alone. Her husband and son decided to kill Geeta following a property dispute worth Rs 2 crore.The two had a dispute over the property given to them by Geeta’s father.The property in the name of Geeta’s father was given to Varun but Geeta objected to this and eventually the son paid Rs 10 lakh to the mother.

That was four years ago. Varun recently sold the property given to him by his grandfather to another person for Rs 2 crore.Of this, Rs 1.5 crore was received in the first phase and the person who bought the land did not pay the remaining amount after filing a case in the court claiming the property.His stand was that the remaining amount would be paid only if the Geeta case was withdrawn. The son Varun and her husband talked to Geeta several times to withdraw the case but to no avail.With this, the two decided to kill Geeta.