Off Facebook Activity Tool


Facebook has recently introduced the “off- Facebook Activity tool” which provides more restrictive control over personal information of facebook users. This allows the users to decide the way in which they want to share their information with other apps, websites and facebook. Facebook send various posts and ads to people by following their pattern of usage. Informations collected in this way are shared by facebook with other apps and websites. But with the introduction of off-Facebook activity tool this can be controlled.

Off-facebook activity tool gives you some measures of control over how your data is shared with Facebook. When your off-Facebook activity is turned off, you will not get personalized ads. It means that the ads you receive are not based on your pattern of usage. This new feature marks a new level of transparency and control. Off- Facebook activity tool lets you see a summary of the data that facebook has collected from other apps and websites and disconnect this data from your Facebook account.

In order to access the Off-Facebook activity tool, go to settings in your facebook app and choose Off-Facebook Activity. In this, turn off the toggle button called turn off future activity. Facebook has introduced this feature which gives the users more power over their personal information in such a situation when widespread allegations were raised against the company regarding the handling of user information.