padmapriya sharing film industry stories


Exploitation of women has become more or less the norm in the last few years, with openness about such attitudes being active.Such news or revelations have great news significance.Padmapriya’s statement on such trends was much discussed.The actress says that there is a tendency for famous and famous actresses to share a bed with directors and actors.

Padmapriya says that she knows the actresses who came out of the experience against the actress in Kochi.Many do not speak out for fear of reproach. Others endure everything thinking they will miss the chance.Padmapriya said that actresses like us are going to act by trusting their companions. Some people send se- xually explicit messages.It’s a cr-ime in the film industry to say that se- xual har- assment is not rewarded.

If you have to share the bed of a director or a producer to get a lead role in a movie, how many names would you be willing to accept? The opposing actress loses her chance in that movie.I have heard that some actresses share a bed. If so, can those who shared a bed with the actress be said to be worse than that?Famous and famous actresses are at the forefront of bed sharing.