Prarthana beautifully on set sari


The late actor Sukumaran belongs to a Malayalam star family. His sons Prithviraj and Indrajith have already made a name for themselves in cinema.Indrajith is married to actress Poornima.Like Prithviraj and Indrajith, fans love their children.Fans welcome the children to share their children’s experiences with both hands. Prarthana, the eldest daughter of Indrajith and Purnima, is also an actress.

The nickname of the prayer is Pathu. Pathu’s world is a song from a young age.Prarthana sang the title song of the movie Mohanlal called Laletta.This song was very popular. Like his parents, Pathutti is also active on social media.Prarthana is reached by sharing pictures and videos. Prarthana arrived days ago with a makeup tutorial video.Prayer has proven that dance is not bad at all.While my sister Nakshatra shines in classical dance, my sister prays for western dance.

Prayer is a person who tries many styles in dressing and makeup. Prarthana is a person who relentlessly uploads pictures and videos of any form.Prayer has been sharing pictures of her coloring her hair for the past few days. Prarthana often shares pictures in a modern and rustic look. Prarthana is a child who has grown up in front of fans.Fans started searching for the baby’s information while Purnima was pregnant and now the path continues to grow and grow. Now Prarthana has come to share her new pictures of sari.