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Rajalakshmi without looking at the faces of the children


Rajalakshmi, a 28-year-old girl, was born after years of waiting and could not even see her eyes.
Rajalakshmi, a native of Thiruvananthapuram, is the wife of Shinoj, who surrendered to covid and died at Indira Gandhi Road, Eripuram, Edakochi.He died at Kakkanad Sunrise Hospital yesterday afternoon.

Rajalakshmi covid, who was ei-ght months p-regnant, was admitted to Kalamassery Medical College Hospital.covid gave birth to two girls on September 18 and one child became positive.Meanwhile, Rajalakshmi was admitted to Kakkanad Sunrise Hospital with pneumonia.The woman’s life was maintained with the help of a ventilator and both children were safe, hospital officials said.

Shinoj is a carpenter from a poor family who has so far spent over Rs 10 lakh.As there was no further treatment, the locals formed a relief committee.Businesses, Residents Associations, Location MLA and many others have offered various assistance as links in the relief fund.The treatment was halted due to illnaess of the entire family.