Reena Life Story


The soldier was shocked to learn of Reena’s unique behavior, and the incident went like this.Even though she has studied up to Plus Two, everyone is shocked when the criminal face of the girl who cheated on the doctor falls off.Kottarakkara police have registered a case against Anchal Karuvanur resident Reena, who has been married twice before and is the mother of two children.

Is the story that created the pantry of fraud coming out of. Police are intensifying their search for Reena, who is currently in hiding.They married Pradeep, a soldier, in 2014, believing it was their first marriage. When he told her that he was a doctor and an orphan, Pradeep met his life partner in Reena.Ever since she realized that her only qualification was a plus and a beautician course, the truth that Reena is synonymous with fake has come to light.

Although they are believed to be orphans, their parents still live in Karuvanur.Reena had introduced herself as an orphan and told Pradeep, a soldier from Kottathala Mozhikode, that her name was Anamika. Pradeep was dressed as an orphan and a doctor.They became close and got married. Reena has two children, ages 15 and 12.Reena left for Chennai within days of her marriage.She told her husband’s relatives that she got a job as a doctor on the railways. Occasionally she would visit her husband’s house.