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See what Jayasurya did with Sajana’s tears


It was news that the tran-sgen-der Sajjana biryani sale in Kochi was stopped by other traders.No action was taken despite a complaint lodged with the po-lice that they had mol-ested him and the child who was with him. Sajjana had made it clear to the media.But now actor Jayasurya has come on the scene with financial help for Sajna.

Jayasurya will provide financial assistance to Sajna to start a biryani business. The actress came on the scene after learning about Sajna’s misery through the news.Sajjana started selling biryani in Ernakulam with the money she kept in a trap and the money set aside for su-rgery when she lost her job during the Corona era.

Sajna, who lost her job during the Corona era, employed three people and starved a few people living on the streets in the evenings.But Sajjana and her group, who came to sell biryani, were disturbed by other traders. He said that there was a worm in the biryani and sent back those who came to buy food. About 150 biryani left over from this. Some people do not agree with those who think that they can live like that anyway. I do not know what to do with it.