Serial actress Janaki Kutty is not only wearing a sari but also a short dress


Real names are sometimes unrecognizable. This is about serial actress Monisha.If you talk about Monisha, remember that it was the movie actress Monisha who was lost before she fell in love and longed.This Monisha is a serial actress. Johnny as Janaki Kutty during the ice age.

In fact, it’s easier for fans to understand Johnny. The actor tells the Malayalees who have been adoring Johnny till now.Join me not only for the knee-length hair, sandalwood and sari with Kachhia oil.My mind and desire is to dress like this and shine.

Not only that, the photo shoot done in modern attire has also been shared for the fans.And Johnny says I come from Wayanad. People from Wayanad are less in the acting industry.They are also doing serials in Tamil outside of Malayalam. They give fifty percent more love than Malayalees. This is a photo shoot done while getting bored wearing a sari.Didn’t think it would click. But my glamor photos look charming to me.