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Sureshettan’s big mind


Vavasuresh is our favorite actor even for small children.Our favorite Vavasuresh is the reason why Malayalees know about snakes to some extent and lose their fear of them.Sureshettan arrives at any time of the night risking his life to help anyone.The whole of Kerala applauded when they came to know about the new decision of Suresh, who has a big mind.

Vava Suresh has decided to give the house to the family of a 10-year-old girl who was bi- tten by a sn-ake.Aditya, a 10 – year – old daughter of Rajith and Sindhu, lives in Mankote Ambedkar village, Pathanapuram.Vava Suresh visits Aditya’s house after he was bit- ten by a sn- ake.

Everyone is sleeping on the floor with no doors or windows. There are about ten people living in that little house.They have a baby and they have a daughter but they should be able to sleep well. Some expats from Malappuram came forward to give a house to Vava Suresh.But what Vava Suresh told them was a shocking reply that he now has a house that is not necessarily trouble free from sn-akes and lizards.Sureshettan says that if you want to give me a house, just tell me and give it to Aditya’s family