Parvathy is a star who has been seen by the Malayalee miniscreen audience as a member of her own family.Parvathy’s album ‘Minchi’ caught the attention of the audience. Meenakshi, who played the role of Meenakshi in the serial ‘Eezhiyan Sakshiyayi’, was greeted by the audience.The actress is still active inContinue Reading

Husband and wife who went missing from Vadakara a year and a half ago surrendered to the police to continue living together.Shaibi Maniyoor Kurunthodi Puthiyottumithal Sandeep in Kuttoth Panchakshara surrendered while police were continuing their investigation. The court released the couple after they said they wanted to live together soContinue Reading

Rajalakshmi, a 28-year-old girl, was born after years of waiting and could not even see her eyes. Rajalakshmi, a native of Thiruvananthapuram, is the wife of Shinoj, who surrendered to covid and died at Indira Gandhi Road, Eripuram, Edakochi.He died at Kakkanad Sunrise Hospital yesterday afternoon. Rajalakshmi covid, who wasContinue Reading