The climax of the fight between Navya Nair and Ambili Devi


Ambili Devi and Navya Nair are two favorite heroines of Malayalees. The duo, who were captivated by the youth festivals, later hit the screens.But what shone on the big screen was speculation. Ambili Devi was active on the miniscreen.

Excerpts from a video of Navya arriving at JB Junction a few days ago are being discussed on social media.Years ago, the art competition between Ambili Devi and Navya Nair was big news. At that time, the picture of Navya bursting into tears in front of the media was also very popular.

But over the years, the two have become active again in the acting industry as housewives and dancers. How can two people who were hostile years ago now talk. The video of Navya and Ambili Devi talking at JB Junction is now viral.Ambili Devi has to ask Navya about dance and family life.Navya’s reply: The quarrel was over what I heard when I did not know Ambili directly.She was a young girl .When she was called as the heroine in the movie Meera’s Sadness and Pearl’s Dream, she could not act because of the exam.