The policeman’s eyes filled with tears when he heard his 9-year-old son ask


Rahmat, daughter of Kadampotta Zubair, a native of Puthenchira, was ki- lled by her husband Shamshad, a native of Paravur Vadakkekara.After ki- lling his wife, Shamshad was on his way to his home in Paravur with his 9-year-old son and 3-year-old child.

Shamshad’s father called the neighbors near the rented house where they were staying as he did not see his daughter – in – law.Malas inspector V Sajin Sasi arrested her husband Shamshad, a native of Paravur Vadakkekara, after they saw Rahmat dead.The children who lost their parents are now in the care of Umma Rahmat’s family

They live in a rented house and support their family through occasional wage labor.Meanwhile, the police had to go through a very sad situation.Rahmat’s 9 – year – old boy’s sad question about whether he can return the phone to his father.He used to attend an online class on that phone