The young man wrote about his wife’s day


The death of a young man named Lalson is now hurting social media. Lalson has undergone surgery for throat can-cer.Lalson’s esophagus was inflamed after taking high-dose radiation after this.Following this, Lalson left yesterday at the end of a two – year hellish life where he could not even drink a drop of water.

Whenever social media is flooded with posts about Lalson’s wife who treated him like a son for two years, no one cries.The love affair between Lalson and his wife Lalson married Steffi just three years ago.But a year later, when Steffi was 8 months pregnant, Lalson was diagnosed with can-cer.

All the happiness of the family was tied up with the pain that Steffi experienced during her pre-gnan-cy, but Lalson.Steffi Lalson has been caring for her son since he was born and looking after her son more than ever.Lalson himself has repeatedly told stories of Steffi’s suffering on social media. My favorite Steffi who tries to bring me back to life by caring for me without eating or sleeping