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The young woman who went missing seventeen months ago


Husband and wife who went missing from Vadakara a year and a half ago surrendered to the police to continue living together.Shaibi Maniyoor Kurunthodi Puthiyottumithal Sandeep in Kuttoth Panchakshara surrendered while police were continuing their investigation.

The court released the couple after they said they wanted to live together so they could live without fear of the police.On May 14, 2019, Shaibi took her 13-year-old daughter from her husband’s house abroad to her own home and handed her over to her father.

A special team led by Rural SP Crime Branch DYSPR Haridas was appointed to probe into the complaint lodged by Shaibi’s father in the High Court against the Habeas Service Corporation.The two surrendered at Vadakara station on Thursday.Police said they lived in Coimbatore and had a job there. The court handed over the investigation to the new team within four weeks after the housewife and the young man who had returned from the Gulf could not be found even a year later.