This baby is the star now


This kid is the star now. The young man had been delivering food to him for 26 days on the quarantine, with a note about the girl.Basil Kolakodan, an expatriate from Malappuram, shared a heartfelt note about his elder brother’s daughter.The young man’s note accompanies the one-minute video.

The video has already been viewed by over 20,000 people. Two hundred and ninety people have now shared this video.To be honest, when she climbs that big climb with an umbrella to stop the rain in one hand and two bags of food in the other, I’m in a bad mood.Falling in front of the big mind in that small body is like being safe with a sanitizer when bringing and returning food and following all the instructions of the health department.

Here is the full text of the young man’s Facebook post. Twenty-eight days after the quarantine, there is little one to say ,Twenty-eight days I owe the most to someone. It is about a child who climbs the biggest climb from a great distance.She painted a beautiful big debt in front of me at a very young age and I do not know what I can repay for this debt.I see it as an acknowledgment of her even presenting this in front of you.