You will be shocked to know who this Thrissur girl is


English Girl looks at me at first glance in look and word but this is a Malayalee girl.Even if you hear Malayalam coming out of that mouth, no one can say anything for sure. That it is a Malayalee girl.Because this girl is so fashionable in look and word. It is about a girl who gets world attention by presenting her luck in the Emirates Lottery draw.

Thousands of people around the world are waiting to hear the news of Dubai’s miniature Dubai.Malayalees are shocked that the beauty, who will be appearing in the Emirates Lotto Lottery which is held every Saturday at 9 pm, is from Thrissur.English, Hindi and Malayalam all flow like green water from the mouth but no one ever thinks it is a Malayalee girl.

Aishwarya Ajith, the daughter of Ajith from Thrissur and the accused from Palakkad, who dressed up as this Malayalee girl in such a modern look, has announced the results of the Emirates Lotto.That Malayalee girl who won the hearts of those in the Gulf. Even the Malayalees were shocked to hear the eloquent Malayalam spoken at the Emirates Lotto draw, but many thought that this girl was not a Malayalee.