Valiya Perunnal Movie Review


None of the Malayalam movies based on Kochi and Mattancherry have disappointed the audience.That includes Dimal Dennis’ first film, Big Feast.The film makes full use of Shane Nigam.Shane’s extraordinary dance performances, fights and emotional acting moments bring the audience closer to the film.Also, the role of newcomer Himika Bose as Pooja was applauded. The highlight of the film is the dances performed by the two together.

The film stars Shane Acker in the lead role. He is also a gang leader and party dancer.Pooja is Akkar’s girlfriend. The first half begins with several subplots.The first half is a bit confusing for the viewers as a lot of things happen together. All the characters speak the Kochi language.

The character of the heroine Himika is a North Indian woman.The film is scripted by Dimal and Tasreeq Salam. The film is shot by Suresh Rajan. Music is composed by Rex Vijayan. The film is being produced by Anwar Rashid under the banner of Magic Mountain Cinemas.All the major roles are played by newcomers. The same satisfaction that the audience feels when they see the Angamaly Diaries can be felt during the big festival.Dharmajan Bolgatti, Saubin Shahir, Vinayakan and Jinu Joseph will also be the guest stars at the festival.