No marriage with Nayanthara


No marriage with Nayanthara Vighnesh Sivan openly says that South Indian celebrates the wedding of ladies superstar Nayanthara every season.There will be reports that Nayantara will be getting married soon.Nayanthara and her boyfriend Vignesh Sivan will be back soon.

A visit to a temple paved the way for the news of the wedding to spread. The same thing happened during this lockdown but neither Nayanthara nor Vignesh gave an explanation.Vignesh Sivan has finally come up with the answers to all the questions that the fans have been waiting for.Nayantara met Vignesh years ago after buying an award and told him that she was going to be her fianc.The two travel abroad together and celebrate religious ceremonies in the news.

Because of this, everyone was waiting to find out about the star wedding. Now, the news of the marriage has come in an interview given by Vighnesh Sivan.There are always gossips about marriage.But we have a lot of other goals in our career. We never thought about marriage before. Now we are both happy with how it is.Vignesh jokingly says that he can get married when it feels boring to fall in love like this.