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Where did Bhagyalakshmi’s courage go?


Dubbing artiste, social act-ivist, actress and writer Bhagyalakshmi and social media activists Diya Sana and Sreelakshmi Arakkal are absconding.Police say they do not know their whereabouts and have set up surveillance around their home.

Police officials, including ACP Divya, told reporters that Bhagyalakshmi, Diya Sana and Sreelakshmi Arakkal would be ar-rested. We raided their houses several times and their houses are still under our surveillance but they are in hiding.

This means that our police do not have the ability to find 3 well known women public figures almost three days after their disappearance.Then the police will find out if the cr-iminals go into hiding. The mobile phones of these women have been switched off so they cannot be found.That is, a criminal cannot be found if he switches off his mobile phone and goes somewhere after he has committed a crime.Not only have the police found out exactly where they live, but they have also switched off their mobile phones on social media as per their instructions.